Online Counselling

Face to face sessions are always my preferred choice for counselling sessions. However, for some people I know this is not possible. Some people have physical illnesses that prevent or make it difficult for them to leave their homes. For others mental health issues cause a problem for them to leave their homes. So online counselling is a great alternative to face to face because it allows people to still benefit from counselling sessions.

I offer online counselling sessions and will usually offer you an appointment within 48 hours, sometimes sooner. I use Skype or Zoom for sessions.

Online therapy session cost £40 for a 50 minute session. I offer a student discount rate of £35. I accept payment by bank transfer.

Once you have booked I will be email you a counselling contract which you will need to be sign and email back to me. I will also need to ask you to fill in a very short form asking for your name address and GP details.

Your privacy is very important to me. I have my own therapy room at home where no one can hear what is being said and I don’t get any interruption.

You can book your online counselling session by either phoning or texting 0797559068, emailing or through my contact page.